CFA Projects of the Year

Each winter, the Concrete Foundations Association opens a competition to its membership for a broad spectrum of cast-in-place concrete projects.  These projects evidence the skill, quality, craftsmanship and at times creativity of today’s cast-in-place contractor.  Many of these projects are quickly covered up and the achievement lost visually to the project supported above it.  Some, however, become the framework expressed through masterful works of concrete technology and construction.

“These projects demonstrate the technical challenges overcome by the professional craftsmen found throughout North America and continue to set a new standard for quality and technological achievement for the cast-in-place industry,” states Jim Baty, CFA’s executive director.

Categories for the competition at present include Single-Family Residences broken into three size categories; Commercial Projects; Apartments or Multi-Family Residences; All-Concrete Homes and Non-wall Structural Elements.  The CFA also maintains a free-category option for defining new categories where contractors are working (e.g. agricultural).

2017 Projects of the Year 

      Single Family Residence (<5,000 sq.ft.) – Overall Grand Project

Aerie Residence (Newport Beach, California) (Corona Del Mar, California) by Ekedal Concrete, Inc.

      Single Family Residence (>2000 sq.ft.)

Blue Willow Ridge Nest #3 (Salt Lake City, UT) by SCW Footings and Foundations

      Single Family Residence (2000-5000 sq.ft.)

Bashan Lake Residence (Westbrook, Connecticut) by Talpey Construction

      Commercial Structure

All Points Anson Building 8A (Westfield, IN) by Custom Concrete

      Non-Wall Structural Element

Burnett Residence Site Walls (Salt Lake City, UT) by SCW Footings and Foundations

2016 Projects of the Year

Single Family Residential Foundation (> 5,000 sq.ft.) – Overall Grand Project

The Nowak Residence (Salt Lake City, UT) by Solid Concrete Walls, Inc.

Commercial Structure

Howell Mill (Atlanta, GA), by Herbert Construction Company, Marietta, GA

Single Family Residential Foundation (2,000 to 5,000 sq.ft.)

Delp Foundation (Greenwood, IN), by Custom Concrete Company, Westfield, IN

2015 Projects of the Year

Commercial/Multi-Family – Overall Grand Project

The George Washington Univ Science & Engineering Hall – Washington DC, designed by Ballinger AE of Philadelphia, PA

Above-Grade Concrete Home

Clifton Concrete Home – Clifton, VA, by Bartley Corporation of Silver Springs, MD

Private Residence Foundation (less than 2,000 sqft)

Point of the Woods – Old Lyme, CT, by Purinton Builders of East Granby, CT

Private Residence Foundation (2,000 to 5,000 sqft)

Pappas Residence – Fox Lake, WI, by Hottmann Construction Company of Dane, WI

Private Residence Foundation (more than 5,000 sqft)

Acworth Home – Acworth, GA, by Herbert Construction of Marietta, GA

2014 Projects of the Year

Private Residence Foundation (2,000 to 5,000 sqft) – Overall Grand Project

Private Residence – Madison, WI, by Hottmann Construction Company of Dane, WI


Condominium Project – Oklahoma City, OK, by Basement Contractors of Edmond, OK

Private Residence Foundation (less than 2,000 sqft)

Marietta Home – Marietta, GA, by Herbert Construction of Marietta, GA

Private Residence Foundation (more than 5,000 sqft)

Norman Home – Norman, OK, by Basement Contractors of Edmond, OK

2013 Projects of the Year

Single Family Residence > 5,000 sq.ft. – Overall Grand Project

Laguna Beach, CA, by Ekedal Concrete, Inc. from Newport Beach, CA

Above Grade Concrete Home

Lake Hiawasee, OK, by Basement Contractors of Edmond, OK

Single Family Residence < 2,000 sq.ft.

Charlotte, NC, by Doggett Concrete of Charlotte, NC

Single Family Residence 2,000 – 5,000 sq.ft.

Marietta, GA, by Herbert Construction of Marietta, GA


Lakewood, OH, by MPW Construction Services of Wellington, OH

2012 Projects of the Year

Single Family Residence – Overall Grand Project

La Jolla, CA, by Ekedal Concrete, Inc. from Newport Beach, CA

Single Family Residence

Chenequa, WI, by Coello & Associates, Inc. of Waukesha, WI

Single Family Residence

Canton, GA, by Herbert Construction Co. of Marietta, GA

2011 Projects of the Year

Single Family Residence over 5,000 sf – Overall Grand Project

Private Residence (Louisville, KY), by River City Foundations, Louisville, KY

Single Family Residence over 5,000 sf

Balboa Blvd Project , by Ekedal Concrete, Inc.

Above-Grade Concrete Home

Private Residence (Bush, Louisiana), by Basement Contractors, Inc. and Herbert Construction Co.

Commercial / Multi-Family

11 River (Rocky River, Ohio), by MPW Construction Services