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James Baty, FACI | Executive Director

He has served CFA since 2001 and provides both membership and industry a range of services from technical to marketing and education.  In addition to his role as Executive Director, James serves CFA as editor for Concrete Facts Magazine and provides primary industry support for contractor education on OSHA regulations, design and construction education and energy performance for residential concrete.

Jim received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University in 1992 and is a member and fellow of the American Concrete Institute.  He is the immediate past chair for ACI 332 – Residential Concrete and currently serves as chair for the 332-D Residential Footings & Foundations sub-committee.  He is a voting member for ACI 306 – Cold Weather Concrete, ACI 332 – Residential Concrete and ACI C-655 – Residential Foundation Certification.

Lindsey Bloomquist | Communications and Event Management

Works to communicate the available tools and benefits of a CFA membership to the industry, and provide networking opportunities that build professional relationships between contractors and industry leading suppliers and manufacturers. Bloomquist also works closely with industry suppliers and manufacturers to increase exposure within the CFA through advertising, sponsorships, exhibits and networking.

“The professional relationships that are established are vital to the success of this association and its member companies. Not only do these interactions foster healthy competition that fuels innovation, but they create lasting partnerships that are beneficial to both the contractors and suppliers.”

Lindsey Bloomquist – 2018

Mark Lentzkow | Content and Brand Development

Works to establish consistency and efficiency across all platforms of Association messaging.  Lentzkow has been the production artist for Concrete Facts magazine for several years and expands his role in the important information produced and disseminated by CFA with his move to full time staff.

“I use your stories, your ads and your photos to create an impression – an impression that will promote your business in the best, most positive and professional manner. I look forward to working directly with our members, getting to know their businesses, and promoting them throughout the entire network.”

Mark Lentzkow – 2019

Janette Barr | Office Manager and Financial Operations

Janette has been serving the membership for over twenty years. She is often the first voice you are greeted by when seeking information, advice or coordination. Her roles range from production of all membership material content, contact and Association database organization, receiving and deliver production, accounts receivables and payables, and much more.

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