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Why Attend Convention in 2020?


Each year, Convention is made possible by the support of the most innovative and enduring technology and equipment companies found throughout the industry.  This year they are maintaining their commitment to the Association and maintaining their interest in making the event a success.  You spending time with them is both a great opportunity and a primary responsibility.

Platinum Sponsor

ICC Distribution Group LLC
Irving Equipment LLC
Schwing America | Schwing Loop Belt
Verizon Connect 

Gold Sponsors

GMX, Inc.
Gravel Conveyors, Inc.
Max USA Corp

Silver Sponsors

Badger Forms
Boman Kemp
Cranes & Equipment Corp.
Euclid Chemical
Fox Blocks
HD Supply C & I White Cap
Prinsco, Inc.
Progressive Foam Technologies
Robotic Survey Solutions
Western Forms
Working Athlete

Additional Exhibitors

Helix Steel
Nox-Crete, Inc.
Owens Corning PINKBAR® 

Expanded Programming

Accessible to a broader interest within companies instead of managing limited access for participants due to travel restrictions, company policies, financial hardship, budget constraints, or health concerns.

Deeply Reduced Expenses

Eliminated aspects associated with a physical event include shipping, travel, lodging, meals, etc. for all our participants for greater financial efficiency sensitive to interests in more responsible spending.

Expanded Participation

Averaging 30% of membership companies in attendance each year due to schedules, costs and interest, a broadened participation is made possible with schedule flexibility and diverse topics for targeted audiences including students, prospective employees, Wall Dogs, builders, designers and more not locked into a specific geographic location or economic condition.

Broadened Education Topics

Without concern for the cost of physical space and more flexibility for the daily schedule, we are free to offer laser-focused seminars for very specific attendee groups like safety directors, CFOs, field personnel and much more, including specific CEO discussion groups.

Maintained Personal Touch

Pre-registered attendees will receive a hospitality package from the CFA filled with giveaways from sponsors and the association. This package will include items you would normally receive by attending an in-person event and some that will enhance your virtual experience.

Reduced Registration Fees

Beyond travel and lodging, we have dramatically reduced registration fees to encourage a greater number of participants as we are uncoupled from the minimum expense budgets of facilities.

Concierge Meeting Services

Although we have chosen a simple to use and user friendly platform, we understand the reality of those who may have difficulty with technology. Our staff and concierge tech personnel will be dedicated before and during the event to ensure a successful user experience for everyone who can meet the minimum technical requirements at home or in the office; A computer or laptop with an internet connection and audio abilities. We also recommend using headphones to improve your experience.

The context of this current education and travel environment is temporary and yet, it is our opportunity to do something together unique and impacting in response. We have one chance to define how this historic moment will be reflected on the future of who we are as an organization and industry. Let's make the most of it today while looking forward to being together again in person next year.