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The Green Box Exercise [Discussion Groups]

July 29, 2023 from 10:30am to 11:00am Central Standard Time

Lone Star Ballroom DEF [Level 2]

Jim McArthur was a Vistage Australia member. His father John was also a Vistage member. John called his son Jim to let him know that he'd be flying to New Zealand the following day to try to close an important business deal. Jim, a pilot in the Air Guard Reserves, warned his father that potential typhoons could make travel hazardous. John laughed and reminded Jim that if anything tragic happened, to remember to get the ""Green Box"" out of the closet in his bedroom---The next day, John was killed when his plane crashed into the side of a mountain on the north island in very low visibility. Several days after the funeral, he remembered his father's words about the Green Box. He called his mother and they brought the Green Box to the family attorney. Inside, they found 28 envelopes. This session will introduce you to the Green Box concept, its value and importance to your business and demonstrate the work that needs to be done to protect you, your loved ones and your company.

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