Connecting companies with each other and providing resources or solutions to the needs of our members are our primary goals.  We encourage you to contact us for more information on services, resources, programs and membership. 

James Baty, FACI

Executive Director | [email protected]

James served as the Technical Director for the CFA from 2001-12 and Managing Director from 2012-15. He combines his background in architecture and thermal design with more than 25 years of concrete industry experience to direct the association’s interests.

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Staff Photo - Skye Kelley
Skye Kelley

Membership Engagement | [email protected]

Skye has been added to the staff serving the Concrete Foundations Association in 2021.  Her roles and responsibilities include a balance of new membership prospecting, membership retention and overall membership health assessments as the Association focuses on helping members gain more value from the opportunities they are presented.



Lindsey Bloomquist

Events | [email protected]

Lindsey joined the CFA staff in 2015 and has continued to evolve the structure and polish of CFA events in this fast paced age of business.  She is principally involved in the management of the Concrete Foundations Convention each year along with organizing all CFA functions and the affairs of the National Associate member


Mark Lentzkow

Content and Brand Management | [email protected]

Mark joined the CFA staff in 2019 having worked as a consultant for developing the magazine, Concrete Facts, for a couple of years.  His role for the Association is the development and maintenance of the CFA brand through imagery, digital and print media and all public outlets for messaging.