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Board of Directors

The CFA Board of Directors oversee the development and maintenance of programs geared towards advancing the use of poured concrete foundation construction and betterment of the companies found in membership.  This delivers the missional focus for the industry while maintaining commitment to the dedicated structure of companies supporting the Association, to serve as the voice and recognized authority for cast-in-place contractor to the residential concrete industry.

Individuals are elected to the Board of Directors by the membership according to the Association by-laws for staggered terms consisting of 3 years each.  The Board is presently represented by three dedicated representatives from the class of membership known as National Associates, companies that manufacture and/or distribute products and technologies to the broad market.

The Board of Directors is managed by five officers consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman working with the Executive Director to maintain the intentional programming and direction.  These officers and the entire Board consists of the following individuals:


Phillip Marone, Marone Contractors Inc, Philadelphia, PA
(2005 to 2022)

Doug Herbert, Herbert Construction Company, Marietta, GA
(2012 to 2024)

Jason Ells, Custom Concrete Company Inc., Indianapolis, IN
(2014 to 2026)

Chairman (Immediate Past-President)
Dennis Purinton, Purinton Builders, East Granby, CT
(2007 to 2020)


Andy Renner, Bartley Corp, Silver Springs, MD
(2019 to 2022)

Mike Reed, Reed Concrete, Ephrata, PA
(2011 to 2020)

Sean Smith, MPW Construction Services, Inc., Wellington, OH
(2012 to 2021)

John Yakovich, SCW Footings & Foundations, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
(2019 to 2022)

Andy Stachler, Stachler Concrete Inc., St. Henry, OH
(2014 to 2020)

Ken Kurszewski, Hottmann Construction Company, Inc., Dane, WI
(2015 to 2021)

Scott Renfroe, Foundation Builders, Inc., Greeley, CO
(2017 to 2020)

Matt Van Wyk, Van Wyks Inc., Waldo, WI
(2017 to 2020)

Brian Cottom, Woodco Inc., Terre Haute, IN
(2017 to 2020)

Jeff O’Risky, O’Risky Excavating, Evansville, IN
(2018 to 2021)

Mike Hancock, Basement Contractors, Edmond, OK
(2004-2013, 2018 to 2021)

Russ Talpey, Talpey Construction, Westbrook, CT
(2019 to 2022)


Todd Rieger, Tremco Barrier Solutions, Hebron, KY
(2018 to 2020)

Lindsay Castles, GMX Inc. , Indian Trail, NC
(2018 to 2021)

Hal Cassidy, Prinsco/ProForm HD, Willmar, MN
(2019 to 2022)